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What happens if you want or need a feature not available on Run?

Updated over a week ago

Run is constantly adding new features and options, but it's likely that you'll see things you want that are not available. If this happens, please let us know what you'd like to see at [email protected]. We'll generally respond and let you know if that's something we plan to implement, the approximate timeline, and if we can suggest something else in the mean time.

If it's something we plan to implement in the future, but you need it sooner than our planned timeline, we can sometimes move up your request for a fee. Please let us know if you're interested in what the cost would be for moving your feature request to the front of the queue.

If it's not something that we intend to add to the platform eventually, we unfortunately won't be able to accommodate your request under any circumstances.

We do plan to add a custom component feature, that agencies and developers will be able to use to build out their own components, but we don't anticipate this will be available before 2024.

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