ActionKit integration

Connect your Run website forms to ActionKit

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Step 1: Input your ActionKit account details into Run

On the Run form builder, click to add destination, and then enter the subdomain you use to login to ActionKit. If your login portal is, then input "thisplace" into the space provided. Do NOT include the "https://".

Then enter the user name and password that you use to login to your ActionKit account.

Confirm that it's connecting correctly under Status after you save.

Step 2: Select Action Network as the destination on ALL forms you plan to use

On the form builder, you must click on the Enable checkbox to the left of the destination for all forms you want to use this destination for on the site.

Tags, groups, and follow up emails / texts on ActionKit

Run automatically creates a Page called "RUN Signup (do not edit)" on your ActionKit account.

You can make edits to that page on your ActionKit account, including:

  • Adding tags

  • Adding groups

  • Triggering an email or text message to be sent upon submission

Any tags and groups that are added to the form will be added to any user submissions that come through via your Run site, and those triggers will take effect when the form is submitted through your Run site as well.

Custom Fields

Custom fields must be created on your ActionKit account directly by going to Users and then clicking Custom User Fields in the sidebar. Make sure to select Text as the Field Type.

In order to add custom fields to your form, open your Run form builder, click Add Form Field, and add a Custom Field (like 'text' for example). Under the ActionKIt custom fields column, Run will pull down a list of your custom fields from ActionKIt to select from.

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