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Activating your Run site
Activating your Run site

Ready to launch? Here's what to do.

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Run does not charge customers for setting up sites until they're ready to add their domain names, which can be done as the final step in the setup process.

When you're ready, simply go to the Site Settings page and click Activate Paid Subscription.

Fill out the form which will help us calculate the correct cost for your campaign. We save and check this information for every site to ensure it's accuracy.

(If you're a non-electoral site, reach out to us at [email protected] with information about your org or campaign and we'll let you what the appropriate pricing level is for you.)

Connect your domain

After you've paid, there will be two DNS records shown on your Site Settings page in the Payments and Domains section. You'll need to enter both of these at your domain registrar. Run does not sell or host domains.

You also need to delete all A or AAAA records that existed previously. The only A record should be the one we give you.

Once your DNS records are added at your registrar and your domain is entered correctly in the Payments and Domains section, our system will keep checking and once it detects that the domain is connected correctly it will say "Valid Configuration."

It may take several hours for the domain to connect in some cases but it usually happens within a few minutes after you add the DNS records at the registrar.

For more detailed information or to troubleshoot domain issues, click here.

"Hide from public" option

You can click the Hide from Public toggle button on the Payments and Domains section of the Site Settings page to keep your site offline even when your domain is connected.

If you have a specific launch date, we recommend you activate and connect your site in advance, but with the Hide from Public option on. Simply flipping the toggle will push your site live immediately when needed.

We also recommend doing a quick test, by unhiding your site, checking the site is working, and then hiding it again, until the moment of launch.

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