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Managing your subscription
Managing your subscription

Update, pause, cancel, or resume your subscription

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Update payment details

On the Site Settings Page, under Payments and Domains, click Update Subscription. Then update your payment details on the Stripe page.

Pause or cancel subscription

Run treats subscription pauses and cancellations in the same way. We do this so a customer can resume a subscription later in either case.

To pause or cancel, go to the Site Settings page and under Payments and Domains, click Pause Subscription. Then, on the Stripe page, click the Pause Plan button.

On the final page, make sure to unclick the Automatically Resume checkbox if you don't want your subscription to automatically resume at a later date.

Resume subscription

Your Run website subscription can be resumed within one year without any additional charge. Click Re-activate Paid Subscription on the Site Settings page under Payments and Domains. If your site is unpaid for one year or more, we'll require you to pay for a brand new subscription in order to reactive the site.

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