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Pausing or cancelling a subscription
Pausing or cancelling a subscription

How to pause or cancel and what that means for your account data

Updated over a week ago

Pausing and cancelling are equivalent on Run.

NOTE April 2, 2024: Our payment processor Stripe has updated their customer portal and Run customers will temporarily need to email us [email protected] to request to pause, cancel, and resume a subscription. We will be adding buttons to the Run CMS to do this soon.

If you resume a paused subscription on Run within 1 year, you will not have to pay a startup fee. If your pause is greater than 1 year, you will be required to pay an additional startup fee. A paused site is only eligible for restarting without a startup charge if it's being used for the same campaign or candidate as the original. A Run site can not be passed on to a new campaign in order to circumvent the startup fee.

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