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Pausing or cancelling a subscription
Pausing or cancelling a subscription

How to pause or cancel and what that means for your account data

Updated over a week ago

Pausing and cancelling are equivalent on Run.

Run accounts can be paused or cancelled on the Site Settings page in the CMS. Whether you want to pause or cancel, simply click the small link at the bottom left of the Payments and Domain section that says Pause Subscription. If you want to cancel or pause indefinitely, make sure to uncheck the "Automatically resume" checkbox on the pause confirmation page.

Pausing and cancelling are equivalent on Run. So by pausing your subscription, you're suspending further payments, and your website will no longer be live. We do not delete your data, so if you want to continue using the site at some point in the future you can.

If you resume a paused subscription on Run within 1 year, you will not have to pay a startup fee. If your pause is greater than 1 year, you will be required to pay an additional startup fee. A paused site is only eligible for restarting without a startup charge if it's being used for the same campaign or candidate as the original. A Run site can not be passed on to a new campaign in order to circumvent the startup fee.

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