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How to set up donations for your campaign

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The vast majority of campaigns do not process donations directly on their website, but instead link out to donation services like ActBlue. Because of the complexity of campaign finance compliance, it's generally advisable to use a service that specializes in campaign donations.

Following industry best practices, Run does not provide donation processing directly on our website platform, but does provide donation modules that link out to any donation provider you choose to use.

Donation popup

Run provides a popup when users first arrive on your website, that can either be a donation component, a sign up form, or a simple message. Click on the popup component in the CMS to see these options in the sidebar and select the Donation option.

If you're having trouble finding the Popup component, it can be located by going to your Home page in the CMS, then clicking Page Content, and clicking the edit icon on Landing Popup in the sidebar.

Donation block

Run also provides a donation block that can be placed anywhere on the site, and in as many places as you like. Simply go to the Page Content tab, then click Add Block under the Extra Content section, and select Donate.

Setting donation amounts and URLs

The sidebar of the donation components provide the option to change the donation amounts and select the URLs you'd like your donation buttons to link to. ActBlue and some other donation providers provide URLs that can pass through the donation amount to the donation service, but if they don't, simply putting one donation URL in for all the buttons works too.


Both types of donation components provide the option of turning on a disclaimer. ActBlue requires a disclaimer if you use ActBlue Express Lane, since with Express Lane donations will be processed immediately upon someone clicking the donation button on your Run website. Visit the Act Blue Express Lane help page to find the exact language of the required disclaimer.

Linked information

Your donation amounts and URLs are linked between all the donation components on your site, so if you update in one place, it will automatically update everywhere.

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