Setting up your website palette

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Navigate to the Design Settings sidebar via the Design Settings tab in the top right of your Run CMS.

Color palettes

In the Design Settings sidebar, simply select a pre-existing color palette, or reach out to use at [email protected] to add a custom palette to your account (this service is provided free of charge and can be done before you pay for your site).

We are hard at work on a new color palette feature that will allow users to add their own palettes to the site, and will allow a wider variety of palette options.

In the mean time, for custom palettes, we require the following colors:

  1. Super light

  2. Medium (lighter)

  3. Medium (darker)

  4. Dark

  5. Text accent 1 (must be dark enough to read on a light background)

  6. Text accent 2 (must be dark enough to read on a light background)

If the lightness of the colors does not closely follow this structure, you may run into legibility issues in some places on your website. See the graphic below for reference on the approximate lightness your colors (not including the text accents) will need.

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