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Google Sheets integration
Google Sheets integration

How to set up and manage your Google Sheets integration

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Step 1: Create or select a Google Sheet

It's easiest to start with a completely blank Google Sheet, but if you have a Sheet you'd like to add to, skip to the bottom for more advance instructions.

Step 2: Share your Google sheet with Run

Your Google Sheet needs to be shared with this email address:

Step 3: Add your Google Sheet to Run

On the form builder, copy and paste your full Google Sheet URL (including the https://) in the area provided. Confirm that it's connecting correctly under Status after you save.

Step 4: Select the Google Sheet as the destination on ALL forms you plan to use

On the form builder, you must click on the Enable checkbox to the left of the destination for all forms you want to use this destination for on the site.

Advanced instructions and troubleshooting

This integration works by mapping "field names" from Run with the column titles in the first row of your Google Sheet. If you change the names of the titles in the first row of your Google Sheet, Run won't recognize it as the same field. The same thing will happen if you change the field name on the Run side.

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