Redirect links

Setting up redirect links through you Run site

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What's a redirect link?

A redirect link is a link that you would share with people, in an email or social media post for example, that is a URL from your domain, but you want to point it to an external link, like a signup form on an external service.

For example, a redirect link could automatically send people who go to to a Google form outside your domain.

How to set up a redirect link

In your Pages sidebar, click the link icon on the page in question and add the URL you want that page to redirect to.

Move the link to the Unlisted category if you don't want it to appear in the menu of your site.

To set the URL of the page, first go to the page by clicking the edit button on the Page in the Pages sidebar. Then, click Page Settings in the top navigation bar. On the sidebar there, you can change the Slug, which is the page name in the URL.

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