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Social media

Connect your social media accounts to your Run site

Updated over a week ago

Add social media icons

Social media icons can be added to your site on the Site Settings page of your Run site. Click the Site Settings link in the top right of the CMS. Scroll down to the Social Media section and paste your links in the input boxes provided.

Your social media icons will automatically show up both in your site Header and Footer after you add them on the Site Settings page.

Twitter component

Run also offers a component to display your Twitter feed. Click Page Content in the top navigation menu, and then add the Twitter component via the sidebar. The Twitter block is only available via the Extra Content section, NOT the Main Content section.

To add your Twitter handle to the site, click on the Twitter component, and then on the sidebar, paste in your Twitter handle. Your Tweets should populate the feed within a few seconds.

We do not publish retweets, and your feed may look visually off if you have less than 6 tweets so we recommend ensuring you have at least that many tweets before you add the component.

Unfortunately, because of Twitter's new policy of charging for their API, we can only update your site's Tweets once every 48 hours.

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