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Social sharing for video content
Social sharing for video content

Add share buttons so your site visitors can share your videos to social media, via text message, and more

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This article covers the process for adding Share Buttons to videos on the Video Block.

Selecting Share Platforms

After you have pasted your video embed code, the Share Links dropdown will be enabled for you to select platforms and actions from. Just click the Select Platform dropdown to add share buttons.

Advanced Mode

By default, we pull the video URL from your embed code, and that's what's shared on the share links.

But because social media platforms often elevate content uploaded to their own platform in user's feeds, you may be able to get more reach by sharing platform specific content. So when the share button on the Run site is clicked, you may want it share the Facebook-hosted video to Facebook, the X-hosted video to Youtube, and the Youtube-hosted video to Youtube, for example. This is where Advance Mode comes in.

Clicking the "Advanced" toggle allows to you customize the share URL per each individual platform. Any that you want to just share the default, you can leave untouched.

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