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Pricing explainer

Why our pricing model is the way it is, and how exactly the details work

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Why is Run's pricing model the way it is?

Our Startup Fee is based on the premise that Run's ease of use replaces the need for someone with technical skills, since even with supposedly easy-to-use site builders like Squarespace or Wix, there's a pretty big learning curve to set up something that works for the content campaigns need. Generally this would require a one-time fee paid to a web designer that can range anywhere from $500 to $30,000 depending on the campaign and the site. So, instead, we charge a lower fee for a similar (or more often higher) quality website.

The Monthly Maintenance Fee of $50 replaces both the hosting fee you would pay another platform, and the considerable time and expense required to make updates on those platforms, which would also often require paying your web designer on an ongoing basis. Additionally, this fee gives you access to all the new features Run is constantly adding to the platform.

The optional Setup Fee is what you would pay a graphic designer to really dial in the look and feel of your site, by making sure photos are color corrected, font choices are solid, and content is arranged is a way that works well. If you don't want to hire us or a graphic designer, we recommend finding someone on your team with a good eye and sense of content to do this part.

Wait, explain the pricing model again?

A subscription to Run requires both a one-time Startup Fee AND a recurring Monthly Maintenance Fee. Our easy to use price calculator is located here:

All Run websites get exactly the same features, no matter your subscription level. The only add-on we sell is the Run Site Footer Removal, with which you can remove the link back to Run that's in the footer of your site by default.

We also offer Setup options, where you can pay the Run team to help you out with setting up your site. Generally, our customers set up sites using their own team rather than hiring Run, but we're here if you need us.

Run sites are completely free to set up

Run doesn't place a time limit on the length of your trial. You can take all the time you need to setup and test your Run site. We don't even require you to provide a payment method.

Run only requires payment for adding the domain name, which can be done after everything else is complete.

Startup Fee

Run startup fees range from $250 to $2000 depending on the population (not voters) in the district. If the website is for an organization or cause, the cost will be based on the population of the area of operation, but we will consider individual cases upon request.

Micro (under 10k): $250

X-small (under 25k): $500

Small (25k-50k): $1000

Medium (50k-150k): $1500

Large (over 150k): $2000

Monthly installments

The startup fee can alternatively be paid in 5 monthly installments, each at 25% of the one-time startup fee for that race. The monthly installments are not a commitment, so the monthly pricing model is also cost effective for websites that will be live for 3 months or less.

Long shot discount

The fees above can be reduced by an additional 50% for candidates running in districts where the Democrat (or Democrats combined) received less than 40% of the vote in the previous general election. If there was no Democratic challenger in the previous general election for that office, we will accept the election directly before that one, if it was contested OR the most recent presidential election results as a proxy. If that's also unavailable you can reach out to us to request a custom determination of eligibility.

Monthly maintenance fee

In addition to the startup fee, Run charges $50 per month for all websites. This cost covers:

  • Web hosting

  • Technical support

  • Maintenance and bug fixes

  • Feature upgrades

All new features and bug fixes are automatically deployed to all sites.

Set up add-ons

Run provides a couple of set-up add-ons, wherein you can pay the Run design team to set up up your site for you. You can read more about that here.

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