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Invoices, receipts, and payment history
Invoices, receipts, and payment history

Find out how and where to see your payment history

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View your payment history on the web

Your payment history is available via the Site Settings page on the Run CMS. In the Payments and Domain section, click the button that says View Payment Portal.

At the bottom of the next page (provided by Stripe) your Invoice History shows you the payment history of your website.

Email invoices

The billing email for your account will receive invoices and receipts from Stripe for your payments to Run.

If you have multiple sites with Run, check the PDF invoice that Stripe attaches to the email in order to see what site the payment was for.

We automatically use your Site Name from your Site Settings page to populate the name of the invoice recipient on Stripe, but we never automatically update it once it's been added.

You can change the name on the invoice by visiting your Site Settings page and under Payments and Domain, click the button that says View Payment Portal. In the Payment Portal, simply update your Billing Info with the name of the campaign or organization. The billing info here is not related to the processing of your payment, which is handled separately under Payment Method.

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