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Becoming a form provider
Becoming a form provider
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⚠️ This document is not meant for campaigns using our platform

RUN's Form Builder is an advanced feature we provide to our customers for forms on their campaign websites. We allow campaigns to submit forms to the destination(s) of their choice.

What we need from you to add your platform as a destination for our builder:

  • Endpoint to make sure an API key is valid

    • If the user provides an invalid API key, we want to give that feedback immediately in the Form Builder, otherwise they may assume their form is broken

  • Endpoint(s) to pull methods for segmentation (ex. tags, source codes, etc.)

  • Endpoint to pull custom fields

  • Endpoint to post form submissions

  • Sandbox user account for our own testing, plus applicable API keys if we are unable to create them ourselves

As an example, this is our Form Builder set up with NGP as a destination, with a selected source code for segmentation, a custom input field, and a selector displaying custom fields in NGP the field can be submitted to.

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