Using standard and custom fonts with your Run site

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Navigate to the Design Settings sidebar via the Design Settings tab in the top right of your Run CMS.


Run provides a curated selection of fonts for your website, some of which are specifically licensed for the platform and others that exist under open source licenses.

Start by selecting a font category, choose your headline font, and then choose your body and buttons fonts.

Custom hosted fonts

Run allows the use of custom "hosted" fonts on the platform. Hosted fonts are fonts that are served from external services like Google and Adobe (though many others exist). We do not currently allow users to directly upload font files, though we will be adding this functionality in the future.

To use a custom font, start by clicking Add Custom Font on the Design Settings sidebar. In the space provided, copy the code that starts with "<link..." provided by Google, Adobe, or any other hosted font provider. If this is done correctly, a new Custom category will be created inside the Font Category dropdown and your fonts will be there. Your font will also be added to the Body Font list. Simply select the font in the list to use it.
Run will automatically use the boldest version of a font for your headline, so if you want to use a light headline, make sure that you only import the weight of the font that you want.
Run uses normal, bold, italic, and bold italic weights for body copy, so if you're using your custom font for body copy, make sure to include ALL 4 of those weights, or you might have design issues on the site.

Google fonts

To add fonts from Google, visit and navigate to the font of your choice. Next to any of the the font styles you'd like to use, click to Select the font.

In the sidebar, under the Use on the web header, keep the <link> radio button selected, and copy the code there. If you want to use multiple Google fonts, additional fonts will continue to be added to that snippet of code, so just wait until after you've added all your fonts. Putting more than one Google font link tag on your Run site will cause the font import to fail.

Adobe fonts

To add and use fonts from Adobe you must be a paid subscriber. Visit to get started. Select the font or fonts of your choice and once on the font page, click the Add to Web Project button.

In the area provided, create a new Project to add your fonts to. Select only the font weights you need. Anything else you add will slow down the loading of your site. Once you've selected and added your fonts to the the Project, you'll be provided the Link tag code to paste into your Run site. If you have multiple fonts you want to add to your site, add them all to the same project before pasting the Link tag into your Run site.

To update or manage your Project at any time, click the Manage Fonts link at the top right of the page and select Web Projects from the dropdown.

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