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Controlling who has access to Run websites

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Adding users to your site

Add users to your site by clicking the Users icon in the top right of the CMS (it looks like two small overlapping people). There is no limit or charge for adding additional users to your Run site.
When you add a user, that user will automatically receive an invitation by email.

Users can either be Editors or Admins. The difference is that only Admins have access to the Payment and Domain section and the Users section. Otherwise, the permissions are the same.

Multiple sites

If your account is connected to multiple sites, you can seamlessly move between your sites via the Sites page, which you get to via the icon that looks like two layered squares in the top right corner of the CMS.


Our Teams feature is useful for agencies or organizations that use multiple Run websites, as it allows creating a group of users that have access to a group of sites, rather than having to manage the same set of users across multiple websites.

First, navigate to the Users page by clicking the Users icon in the top right of the CMS. (it looks like two small overlapping people). From there, click the Manage Team Accounts link at the bottom of the page.

From the Teams page, you can create a team, and then add users and sites to that team. Sites can belong to multiple teams simultaneously.

NOTE: A user must be an Administrator of BOTH the Team and the website, in order to be able to add or remove a website from a Team.

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