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Translation and alternate languages
Translation and alternate languages

Give users your website in languages besides English

Updated over a week ago

Run allows the use of alternate language content, but we do not currently have a "click to translate" feature.

Many Run sites feature alternate language content and pages. Read below for suggestions on how to structure this.

We plan to release a "click to translate" within the next 6 months. It will provide a menu where website visitors will be able to select what language they want to view the site in, and the entire site text will be instantly changed to that language. We will provide the option of AI-powered translation along with options to create and edit translations manually.

For now, we have other good options.

Setting up alternate language content in Run

Most users will want to set up entire pages in an alternate language. This is easy to do and can be done in a couple of different ways.

  1. Add an alternate language page and include it in your menu. Then just fill that page with your alternate language content.

  2. Add multiple alternate language pages under a single parent page

  3. Add alternate language pages under their English equivalent page

For more information on adding and nesting pages, click here.

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